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Purchasing Gift Cards

Thank you for your order! This gift card will me POSTAL MAILED to the address you put on the order. If that is not the correct address, please email us with the correct address ( We do not have email gift cards. Typically your gift card is mailed out the next day. We do not control the mail delivery so we do not know how long it will take to get to the address. Usually 5-9 days. If you have purchased this for yourself or someone else that will be using this in the next 1-10 days, please send us an email letting us know so that we do not send the card to you or to them. We will make note on the appointment that it was already paid for. If it is for someone else, please send us an email with the copy of the receipt stating the name of the person it is for and that you have authorized this person to use this gift card. (this is only for an appointment coming up in the next 1-10 days)

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